Togolese ambassador to Gabon drowns in his car with girlfriend!

The Togolese ambassador to Gabon, Essohanam Adewui, was found dead alongside his girlfriend after their car plunged into the sea in LibrevilleThe unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday as they reportedly returning from a night club when he drove into the sea. Togolese Government responded via a communiqué from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
 "the Ambassador of Togo to Gabon was found this morning drowned in his car with his girlfriend... the Department, on behalf of the head of State and Government, presents its sincere condolences to the bereaved family and reassures them that all arrangements will be made to know the exact circumstances of the death of the diplomat and repatriate the body to Lomé as soon as possible".
The Togolese diplomat whose wife doesn't live with him was stationed in Libreville since 3 years ...

Graphic photo below


  1. Ewoooo!!! See gist ohhhh, which kind badluck be this na? Tori don worwor!!! Was he drunk? Is he married? Calamity!!!! What a way to die!! Shame!


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