Beyoncé and Jay Z absent at Kim K and Kanye West's wedding. But Beyonce sends them best wishes.

Beyoncé and Jay Z strangely didn't attend the wedding of Kim K to Jay Z's best friend, Kanye West. But the classy queen Bey took time to wish the couple all the best on her instagram page.

At about the time the wedding commenced in Italy, Beyoncé posted the make-up free photo of herself above.

Her message to Kim and Kanye below...



  1. For the very first time am not wishing Beyonce well...did Knaye not stand up in MTV awards defending Beyonce and then gettin thrashed for many years...mtscheew. Beyonce and Jay, i am eating my moi-moi and waiting fir your end. Am so pissed!

  2. Whether they attend or not, d wedding has taken place. congrats to them sha


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