Selfie gone wrong! Kim Kardashian took-off screaming after an Elephant she tried to take 'selfie' with attacked her.

The Kardashian clan are currently on vacation in Thailand as a part of filming their reality show. Kim and her mother Kris decided to hangout with an Elephant and it's handler. Kim, who is famous for her love for selfies, attempted to take one with the unimpressed wild animal who lashed at her hair with it's trunk. The 33-year-old mother of one shrieked in horror and panic as she took to her heels and ran off without any composure, while her mother Kris Jenner laughed at her....see photos below.

Hehehhe! Even nature is pissed at Kim.


  1. Hahahahaha...interesting. So what is she afraid of na???...She tried sha, i am not a fan of any animals at all, and never go even close to dogs how much more an ELEPHANT!!!


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