Recap of Tuesday episode of "Forbidden Passion" (Passion Prohibida)........Telemundo channel.

We are back with Bianca confronting Deniz and reciting some of her letter. While Denis is shocked, Bianca "only" asks for some space with the kids, so that she can build a relationship with them (which is a fine request, I believe, if you don't use someone's private thoughts as a form of threat or whatever that was). 

Francisca realizes something is wrong with this picture and decides not to leave the house. She goes to Deniz's room and tries to get her to open up about what is going on. Deniz eventually agrees to talk, but not in the house. 

Bianca is now in the office with Flavia, who is wondering why her daughter didn't tell Ariel about the letter. They see Deniz and Francisca leave, Flavia thinks Bianca should have Francisca as an ally (not a chance of that ever happening). Tere comes in, Bianca yells at her, the usual stuff. Then Flavia insists that Ariel needs to know about the letter, so that he will fire Deniz. But Bianca can't show it to him, because that would mean also telling him Flavia is a thief that spends all her time conspiring and that goes through other people's personal belongings; she gives her mother a good scolding and Flavia can't say to much to defend herself. But I don't buy Bianca's reason, she could use this to get rid of Flavia, too. I think this is more about her own guilt then everything else.

Away from the house, Deniz is telling Francisca about the letter she wrote, without getting into details about the parts that concerned her love for Ariel. She knows Bianca read it because of the whole word for word reciting. Francisca is outraged by such a violation of privacy, but Deniz just wants to leave the house. (I do like Mademoiselle, but her "poor me" attitude is starting to bore me. She is up against two strong opponents, Bianca and Flavia, some feist wouldn't kill her) Francisca wants Deniz to tell Ariel what happened, she is sure he would be very upset with Bianca. But Deniz is more afraid of the possibility that he might find out about the rest of the letter. Francisca insists that she should stay, sooner or later Flavia will be gone and the marriage will be over, too. 

Back at the house, Flavia is leaving, she asks Katia to keep an eye on Bianca, Francisca and Deniz. When she is gone, Bianca comes down, asks Katia to forget about what Flavia told her and just go help out in the kitchen. 

Then Bianca goes to Bruno's room, smells his boxing bag, then his clothes. She is smitten with everything Bruno. She calls Eliana, wants to know if there was a reconciliation, since Bruno didn't sleep at home. But no, Eliana hasn't heard from him, he is probably in a hotel, with another woman or drinking with the fishermen, he always runs when he has a problem. Bianca assures her Bruno will call. 
Then she calls him herself, but not to talk about Eliana precisely. She wants to see him, but he is at school, he will be there all day and can't come. Bianca insists that she needs to explain him why she sent Ariel to the taller the other night. Bruno is upset, she is the one who said they can't go on, so what is the point? Bianca pleads with him to come home after he finishes school, so they can talk. 

Bianca sure has the Bruno jitters, she goes to his school. Obsessed much, Bianca? Anyway, when she sees him, her face lights up, she is there to speak to him, she only needs half an hour. But no matter how much she insists, he doesn't budge. He has plans to go study with his classmates. He leaves Bianca and goes back to his friends. You can see that she is going crazy with his rejection, but he is not doing to well, either. He tells his friends he won't go to the movies with them after all, and he leaves.
Ariel and Nico are in NY, they meet Guillermo, who is also there with business. Alone with Nico, Guillermo congratulates him on his succes, but to bad he is only an employee, he won't see any of the money he earned for Ariel. 

Flavia is at a casino, gambling. When I think this woman can't be anymore despicable, she proves me wrong. So this is how her husband's fortune was lost.
And, sure enough, when the evening comes, she is back at the house and it is obvious she lost a lot of money.

In the living room, Nina is upset that Mlle won't come eat dinner with them again, she wants to go talk to her. Francisca puts a stop to this, for the time being.
Deniz is in her room with the letter, decides to burn it, which she does outside, in the dark; this also helps her hear Flavia shout at Katia when she gets back from the Casino. 

As Penelope and Nuria are out, having dinner, Flavia calls Penelope, needs to see her the next day (I bet she needs money to pay her debts!) Guillermo later joins them, mentions he ran into Nico in NY and how sad that he is only an employee, almost Ariel's slave. To shut him up Penelope mentions that Nico will become an associate at the company.

Nina goes to Mlle's room after dinner, she is worried for her, but Mlle blames her bad mood on melancholy again. 

Bruno is in his hotel room, tormented by his Bianca demons, while Bianca is waiting for him at home. She falls asleep and is awakened by Ariel's kiss. Not exactly what Bianca expected, but she covers her disappointment by asking questions about the business trip. As she goes to the bathroom, Ariel tells her Bruno went to get them from the airport and is now in the house, in his room (oh, the joy on Bianca's face... this is gonna turn into a messy affair). 

Francisca calls Ariel, in the morning they will talk about Deniz, she is not doing well in the house. And where is Bianca? Downstairs, for a glass of water (LOL).

Nina is calling Deniz, she is still worried about her, but also because Sebas hasn't called yet. Deniz gets out of bed and goes to the first floor of the house chatting with Nina on the phone, while her room is right there....poorly set up scene, but this is just a plot point.

Because Bianca is in Bruno's room, wearing some sexy silky robe; she has been waiting for him all evening. How does it feel when someone does that to you, Bruno wants to know. He is only trying to fulfill her wish, staying away; he can't be around her when Ariel is not present, he can't control himself. That is Bianca's cue for getting closer, she shamelessly provokes him. He wants her gone, opens the door, and she is about to leave, but changes her mind. She can't go and he can't resist her anymore. They start kissing (and I remember how I noticed the kiss on the dock was more on the tender side; well, this one is clothes ripping passionate). They slam the door closed (classic scene that I never get bored with), which Mademoiselle, who is on the hallway, listening to something Nina tells her on the phone, totally hears. 
Bianca and Bruno stop, are both shaken and excited and scared that someone might have heard the loud noise.
Let's see if Bianca can climb out through the windows now :)) 


  1. Wow great recap. Keep it up. Am totally obsessed with forbidden passion right now.


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