Recap of Thursday's episode of "Forbidden Passion" (Pasion Prohibida).......Telemundo Channel

Sorry I haven't posted recaps of "Forbidden Passion" which is currently running on DSTV's channel 118 for a couple of days now. Enjoy the recap of yesterday's's getting very juicy!

Bianca and Bruno are at the sauna, Bianca warns Bruno it is the last time she is telling him to back off, or else she will tell Ariel; nothing will ever happen between them. She leaves, but she can barely hold it together, gets into another room; he is destroyed, gets out of the sauna and meets some girl, Renata (later we find out they used to go out); he istantly starts to flirt with her, gives her a kiss (Bianca is in the other room, hears everything). Later, back in the gym, they decide to go to her place together; Renata observes that nobody can ever say no to Bruno - but his face says otherwise. One thing can be said about Bruno, he can rebound very quickly..or so it appears right now. 
Flavia and Penelope are at the pool drinking martinis when Bianca arrives; she takes her mother's drink, she obviously needs it; Flavia starts with her usual routine about Bianca and Ariel and Mademoiselle. Penelope asks her to let go of her intrigue, but why would that stop Flavia from spewing her venom? 

Later on, Nico calls Penelope to let her know he won a big contract for the company, they will go celebrate at night. Flavia doesn't waste this opportunity to tell Penelope that Nico should be made an associate, now that he has become such an asset for the company - glad to see her "wisdom" can be directed at Penelope, too. I don't know how these poor girls ended up so good with a mother like this. As much as Penelope and Bianca protest, Flavia is only watching over their future and their patrimony. (LOOOL)

Nina is talking with Paula, she tells her she was wrong, she confronted Yair and he is not in love with her. Sebas texts her that he will keep in touch, but then we see him alone: with a father like hers, he wants nothing to do with her anymore. (Really, that is the end of Sebas? He got scared because of Ariel, who is the most normal in the family? Good thing he never met Flavia then).

Ariel arrives home, he wants to talk to Mlle in private. Bianca finds out, and fueled by Flavia's venom, asks to be present for the talk. But Ariel doesn't want her there. He and Mlle talk about the ways that Flavia made Mlle feel bad; he wants to know the truth. But Mlle doesn't admit any kind of big problems, just small issues that have to do with everyday living more than anything else. Ariel insists a bit, but eventually gives up; he does remind Mlle how important she is for the family. How this man never managed to look at this very pretty, age appropriate woman in a romantic way, is really a mistery. I know he is a stand up guy, but Bianca could be his daughter, he should have known better.

Bruno is back at Renata's place, she is wearing some sexy linjerie. Eliana calls and Bruno lies that he is at school. Then he starts kissing Renata, but soon stops; he can't do this, and he is even more surprised than her. Renata is upset, asks if he is love; yes, more then ever, Bruno says and leaves. 

Nina and Santi arrive home, Mlle asks them to take care of their homework alone, she is not feeling to well, she is melancholic or something (oh, boy, the high class illnesses)

Back in their bedroom, Bianca is very uspet with Ariel for not allowing her to be there for his talk with Mlle. What could they possible have to talk in private? He needs to give her the place she deserves in the house, she is his wife. Ariel is not willing to admit any kind of guilt, he says that Bianca has the place she gives herself. SNAP

Nina hears the fight and calls Mlle to talk about it. She thinks this has something to do with Flavia, every day she realizes that woman is not her good friend (really?) Mlle asks her to stop listening to other people's talks and do her homework. 

Bruno is in his car; he remembers when he almost kissed Bianca while she was sleeping on the couch, after treating his cold, when he told her he would give up the wedding in she asked him to, when she was by the pool, sunbathing, the kiss... He arrives at the dock, some guy asks for his help with some heavy buckets. He;s seen him around before, he invites him to stick around, they will eat some fish later on. 

Ariel, Flavia, Nico and Penelope are out, celebrating the contract (Bianca is home, probably still mad with Ariel). Flavia almost gives Nico an associate position at Ariel's company...because she is Flavia and she is abnoxious. I wanted to slap Ariel for not shutting her up. Really, dude, do something about this harpy. 

Eliana calls to ask about Bruno, he is nowhere to be found. But Ariel doesn't know either, they all think it is one of Bruno's usual nights out.

But Bruno is on the dock, drunk as a skunk, talking about his imposible love, the first woman he met and he will never have. He got drunk with beer, but then changes to tequila and you know this will not end well for him. He says he always thought women are like flowers from a garden and he likes variety, but now he is in love with the flower that he can't even smell.(nice metaphor, there, coming from a drunk) 

Later on he starts to sing. The guy he is drinking with notices the woman he is pining for really got to him, he needs to eradicate that feeling or it will eat him alive. 

Ariel and Bianca are asleep, in their bed, when Ariel's phone rings. It is the guy that spend the night with Bruno, he calls to let Ariel know that Bruno is passed out drunk, someone needs to come for him. Ariel and Yair go to the dock, the entire house wakes up and starts to speculate about the reason Ariel left in such a hurry. 

Bianca calls Eliana to let her know Bruno ended up drunk on the dock, but Eliana thinks this is about another woman; Bruno has been acting strange and distant and she's had it with him. Maybe she should ask Bianca for some details, I am sure she might be able to help. :))

Ariel and Yair manage to put a mumbling Bruno in the car. The guy that called tells Ariel Bruno got drunk because he is lovesick, but Ariel has no clue about any of this. In the car, Bruno keeps talking about his imposible love, without saying any names, though. 

At the house, Yair and Don Salo carry Bruno to his bed. Celeste gives him something to drink for the hangover and they all leave, except for Ariel and Bianca.

Bruno, totally wasted, calls for Bianca. She tries to make him shut up as he goes on and on about his imposible love, the women he will never have. Bianca is in a panic, afraid he will say to much, she suggests that maybe he had a fight with Eliana (heh) and now he needs to sleep. But, noooo, Bruno needs no sleep, he needs to scream that he is in love with "her". Ariel wants to hear what Bruno has to say, who is the woman he loves. Bianca looks like she is about to faint, too.



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