Recap of Thursday Episode of Forbidden Passion (Passion Prohibida).....Telemundo Channel.

So, Yair punches Sebas because he is kissing Nina and she doesn't want it. Don Salo and Denise stop the fight; Sebas warns Yair that he will ruin him, Yair screams that he was trying to take advantage of Nina. Nina is on Sebas's side, she tells Yair she will never forgive him. All the others are on Yair's side, but I don't see how Sebas is such a bad guy in this story. Sure, Nina didn't want to be kissed, but she is also an idiot for, you know, not wanting to be kissed.

In the house, it's pictures time. Eliana, Bruno, Ariel and Bianca (in that order) are lined up for the camera, but the photographer wants Bianca to come between the men. Then Flavia gives her unsolicited opinion, by getting in the picture, too, next to Ariel, practically pushing Bianca closer to Bruno. And, as the photo is being taken, Bruno touches Bianca's waist (of course, nobody but them knows this - I was screaming with joy when I saw Bruno's intention, but I can't believe he would do this with his uncle there - he really doesn't seem to care about the forbidden part of his "affection" anymore).

Yair is in his room, crying, while in the kitchen Camila is the only one smart enough to point out that Sebas was supposed to want to kiss Nina, after all her flirtatious behaviour during the party. Don Salo doesn't want any of the servants to tell Ariel what happened, but you just know Katia won't keep her mouth shut.

Nina is with Denise in her room, trying to defend Sebas. But Denise is very upset, Sebas has already tried to force himself on Nina once. Nina is hysterical, she didn't want the kiss but she can defend herself (yeah, right), she doesn't need Yair protecting her. Denise forbids Nina to ever see Sebas again, or else she will tell Ariel about the fight and the motorcycle (oh boy, this poor Sebas guy can't even start his gold digging, with all these crazies trying to protect Nina's innocence or whatever, when what she really needs is a reality check and some
good spanking)

The party is over, Eliana and Bruno are going to a club; Ariel is to old for this, but Bianca can join them, if she wants - NO, the loving wife wishes to stay home. On the way out, Bruno thanks Ariel for everything, tells him he is the most important thing he has in his life; the scene is very touching, especially since we know that Bruno's words come from a place of both gratitude and guilt.

Back in the house, Nico observes that Bruno didn't seem to happy with the engagement, but Flavia is more worried about Ariel's sour face. She hints he might have found out something upsetting... Oh, Flavia, just shut up already!!

Ariel is in his workshop, remembering Nina's faint when Bruno announced his engagement. Denise comes over, she saw him go there before. This is becoming the "love nest" of the manor: Bruno & Bianca had their first kiss here, then Nina and Sebas almost did, too; maybe it's time for Ariel and Denise?
But no, he is just so worried about Nina's love for Bruno. Denise tries to calm him, Nina is young, it's normal to feel like this, it will pass. Yes, but how could he not see that his daughter had these feelings? Well, Denise points out, there are many things happening in this house that you don't know about (I can't believe she just said that - way to go Denise, don't stop there!!), everybody has secrets: Nina, Bruno, Bianca, herself...

Don Salo talks to Yair, makes him admit what he feels for Nina. Yair knows Nina is not for him, she is more unreachable than the stars, the moon, the sun. He realizes that maybe he should leave, put some distance between them. Don Salo agrees, he needs to cool down the fire he has in him.

Nina talks with Paula on the phone, she is still upset that Yair would dare to punch her friend. But Paula, bless her soul for being so smart, points out the fact that Yair loves Nina just like Nina loves Bruno, so Nina should really be more understanding with Yair. But, no, Nina is not only an idiot, she is also oblivious to everything that happens around her. And a total brat!

Penelope and Nico prepare to leave and want to say goodbye to Ariel. Bianca and Flavia are also there. Tere tells them Ariel is in the work shop with Denise. Flavia gets the best line of the week, when she says that the workshop has become the hot spot of the house. Then, Katia tells Flavia about the fight (of course).

As Ariel is telling Denise there is nothing worse than loving someone you are not supposed to love, Bianca walks in. Ariel tells her they are worried about Nina, her feelings for Bruno and so on. Denise says that Bianca already knows about this, she was the first one to warn Bruno to stay away from Nina.

Flavia goes to Nina's room, she admits she knows about the fight and also says Yair is in love with her. And that Nina should feel proud that she has two men fighting for her; she should choose one of them and use him to get over Bruno.
If she wants to use someone, let it be Sebas, Yair doesn't deserve this. But as long as Nina doesn't even want to be kissed, I don't know how she could "use" any guy.

Ariel and Bianca are in their room. Ariel is upset that Bianca didn't tell him about Nina's feelings. He is the last one to find out about things, he can't believe Nina fell in love and he had no clue! He finds Bianca's diary (was it in a bag?) and wants to know what secrets she is keeping from him; Denise told him they all had secrets, but he has none. Bianca is upset with Denise, of course, but she swears she could never keep secrets from him.

Bruno is at the club, some guy tells him that the women in his house are all so hot: Nina, his cousin and especially Bianca. Bruno almost punches the guy, then tells Eliana that he wants to leave.
We get a montage of nobody being able to fall asleep, they all have to many thoughts going around in their heads.

In the morning, as Bianca is all dressed up for the gym, Bruno arrives home. He wants to know if she was waiting for him again (heh, good one, Bruno!). Tere comes and tells Bianca Ariel is at the cemetery. She goes into Flavia's room.

In the kitchen Camila manages to upset Yair even more with some stupid remarks about him being a hero defender or something.

Flavia senses Bianca is in a very bad mood, she starts with her questions again; as Bianca gets more and more upset with her meddling, Flavia points out that there are so many things happening in the house that she has no clue about, because she is to busy with her Bruno stuff; Denise sees that she is not giving Ariel all the attention he needs and she steps in, trying to win points; Denise always knows what is going on, Bianca is clueless about everything, including the fight between Sebas and Yair. Flavia also says something that I was sure Bianca already knew, that Denise is in love with Ariel and the only reason, she, Bianca, doesn't do anything about it, is the fact that this gives her the pass she needs because she is in love with Bruno.
As Ariel comes back home and gets into Flavia's room, Bianca, who has had it with her mother, starts to scream at her, telling her that she doesn't care where she goes or what she does with her life, she just wants her out of the house.

Finally! I don't doubt for a moment that Flavia will find a way to stay (blackmail comes to mind), but so far, I was happy to see her stunned face; it was about time!!


  1. i cant wait for the final episonde ...


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