Recap of Monday Episode of 'Forbidden Passion' on DSTV's Telemundo channel.

Bianca and Ariel talk about Flavia spending all that money; Bianca tells Ariel to ask her mother to return the necklace, he is ashamed to ask. Then he wants to know if there has been any more tension between she and Bruno (yeah, some, I would say, hehe), Bianca denies it.

Ariel's sister comes for a visit, they all chat in the living room; Bianca tells Ariel she will be organizing an auctions, she needs one of his works, too. Flavia apologizes to Ariel for using what she tought was Bianca's credit card, she will take what she bought back; she throws a nice pity party, Ariel feels obligated to let her keep the necklace like an early birthday gift. Bianca is angry with Ariel's decision, but Flavia played her part in this to well.

Nuria and Penelope are talking about the divorce when Nico comes in with Guilly. He apologizes to Penelope, then to Nico for the past stuff, then he wants to get closer to Nuria, but she isn't buying it. Later, when they are alone and he says that nothing happened with Eliana, she points out that the fact that he would want to cheat is enough, so she wants the divorce no matter what.

Everybody is having dinner, Bruno arrives, he is wearing a suit and he looks like a million bucks. Nina sighs, Bianca can barely keep her calm. Bruno gives Bianca the roses in front of the ENTIRE family. Ariel is kind of upset (everybody else is very surprised, including Bianca, who can barely act the part of an offended aunt or whatever her game is these days). Bruno explains the flowers are for the lunch Bianca threw for Eliana's parents. In the kitchen, while Camila is arranging the flowers, Yair points out that no man sends roses to a woman he is not interested in. Really, Bruno, you can not make it any more obvious at this point..oh, yes, you can, just hold on for a minute.

Ariel decides to go to sleep early, he is tired after the flight. Bianca goes with him upstairs, but only stays for a minute, she wants to check her e-mails.

Everybody else decides to go listen to Nina playing the piano (except Flavia, she is tired - as in "has no interest in Nina's talents").

Santi, Mademoiselle, Nina, Ariel's sister, Francesca are at the piano, Bruno walks in, he wants to sing (and boy, this man is gorgeus). He starts playing, Bianca hears it from the office, but still doesn't know it's Bruno.

Eventually she comes to the piano room, she sees Bruno. She is so taken with him, you would have to be blind and stupid not to realize she is completely in love at this point. And, to only make things more intense, Bruno looks at her, and by his eyes, you just know he is playing for her. She congratulates him, then leaves. Bruno starts to play a happy song, they all dance - including the servants in the kitchen.

After he finishes, they say that Eliana is one happy woman. Santi sighs, he is very cute in his crush for Eliana. Hey, I know! Bruno should marry Eliana and then when Santi is a little bit older, he could start a torrid romance with his cousin's wife (in this family, it would be more then natural).
Eventually they all go to sleep, except for Bruno who is left alone.
Mlle comes back for her phone, but by this time there is nobody else left in the piano room.

Penelope and Nico talk about his parents' divorce and how she knew about Guilly's affair from the whole club affair.

Bianca is in Ariel's work shop, searching for a piece for the auction. Bruno walks in. I hope to God this is not a dream!
Bruno wants to know if she really forgave him. She says yes, all is forgiven, but he really has no limits in sending her roses. He still insists that she must be upset, since she is not looking at him. Bianca wants him to stop what he is doing because he is making her nervous. But Bruno needs to know that they are ok. Their song starts, as Bruno is closer and closer. Bianca, in a panic, demands to know what he is doing. Bruno only knows that he is playing with fire, but he likes it. Bianca almost tells him to stop but the words don't come out (If I were her, "stop" would be the last thing on my mind). He kisses her, as she just stays there, petrified.
Eventually she grabbs him by the hair and it's a very sensual and passionate move, but then gives him a huge slap and leaves.

They are both shell shocked; Bruno losens his tie, he can't believe what he did; Bianca stumbles outside the work shop and to the house; she is crying, frightened and excited at the same time. She meets Katia at the entrance,Katia sees that she has been crying. She tells this to Flavia, who, once alone, sees Bruno through the wondow, coming from the work shop, too. So, she knows something is up!

Bianca manages to compose herself a bit and gets into her room. Ariel is awake, but she goes into the bathroom. She rinses, uses mouth wash...whatever it takes, Bianca, huh? Then she goes to bed, but doesn't accept Ariel's kiss (that would have certainly made things worse). She just repeats him several times that she loves him. But in spanish "te quiero" - which is what she says - doesn't have the same meaning as "te amo" - which she doesn't say.

Bruno goes to his room, throws his jacket to the floor and grabbs his punching bag. But boxing can't help him anymore, that is what he used to do before, when he couldn't get to Bianca. Now, that he kind of "had" her, he is completely consumed by the thought.

The next morning, Bianca wakes up with a cold, or so she tells Ariel. She will eat in bed.
At breakfast, everybody is present, except for Bruno. Ariel is waiting for him, they talked about going to the office together.
Really, Ariel, I think working is the last thing on Bruno's mind right now. And, sure enough, Bruno sneaks out of the house, only Tere sees him.

When she goes to Bianca's room with breakfast, Tere mentions how Bruno already left. Camila is there, too, with the flowers that she didn't get the chance to bring up in the evening. When the girls leave, Bianca is left alone with her thoughts; Ariel comes back, jokes that he should find a new wife, since this one is damaged. He supposes that maybe Bianca caught the cold in the workshop, maybe because of the draft? Then he asks if Bianca chose a piece for the auction. She is like "WTF are you talking about?" but then she remembers why she originally went to the work shop and says that she couldn't choose because a noise - maybe a rat - scared her.

Then Ariel finds out Bruno already left, and, once in his car, he calls him. Bruno is at the gym, Penelope is there, too, and hears how Bruno lies to his uncle that he had to go to school and he will be at the office once he is done.

Flavia goes to Bianca's room, Bianca pretends to be sick with the cold, but Flavia doesn't buy it, she knows her sickness is love related and she advises Bianca to trust her and tell her what happened, otherwise she will go insane; Flavia can by an ally and she is not as naive as Ariel is, to believe that those red roses were only an innocent thank you gift. She wants to know what happened in the work shop, Bianca doesn't tell her anything, obviously. They fight about the money again. Before leaving, Flavia points out that she is playing with fire and she doesn't know how to do it, so she will get burned.

Penelope calls Bianca, tells her she saw Bruno, he has a strange, misterious face, he must be really in love. Penelope is thinking of Eliana, but Bianca has other things on her mind; feeling her sister is a little bit distracted, Penelope wants to know if she had another fight with Bruno (not exactly a fight, but it did end up with a slap, soo...hehe)

Downstairs, Bianca is carresing the piano, remembering Bruno's face when she walked in and then his kiss. And, proving once again that she has a very active imagination, she starts imagining how the evening might have continued if she hadn't slapped him a lot of kissing, some talk about Ariel and then, they take the smooching to the couch. Flavia snaps her out of the fantasy and demands to know what really happened between she and Bruno the night before.

Heheheh...Bruna & Bianca are definitely out of control now, especially since they both obviously got the big tingle wingle from that kiss. And with Flavia on their trail...This is getting sooo good!


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