Man who tweeted photos of the Boko Haram jailbreak at the SSS headquarters has been arrested + reactions of people.

Kogi State born Yusuf Onimisi Isiaka aka @Ciaxon, who tweeted six photos of the Boko Haram jailbreak after security agents regained control of the situation at the State Security Services (SSS) headquarters in Abuja has been arrested. He was arrested shortly after his photos brought attention to the events that took place outside the Nigerian secret police, which is also known as the “Department of State Security,” on March 30, 2014. He has been in detention for 10 days now.

In one of the photos, Mr. Onimisi offered a bottle of water to one of the soldiers. He also took a photo of a soldier and tweeted it to give an accurate sequence of events that transpired during that day.

Mr. Onimisi is said to be an employee of the defunct power company, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) at the Presidential Villa substation.


  1. Whya re they detaining him na? I guess they want to know what he knows, but i really dont think he knows anything about the plan. People who know about the conspiracy in my mind will not be tweeting about it. Peope capture more serios live events in developed world and are not arrested. Naija dey tire person...everyday they manage to beat their shameless record of oppressing the poor...mtscheew.


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