Food Vendor arrested in MM international airport with wraps of cocaine in her vagina.

A 36 year-old food vendor was arrested with wraps of cocaine in her vagina.

According to Sahara Reporters, Chinelo Okorom Lynnette was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos during the inward screening of passengers who arrived via an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The NDLEA said Chinelo has already "excreted" 685g of cocaine and remains under observation. Commander of NDLEA at the airport, Hamza Umar said.
"The suspect tested positive for drug ingestion and vaginal insertion. She, however, expelled a total of 685 grammes of substance that tested positive for cocaine while under observation at the airport".
The suspect confessed to the crime, but claimed that she was lured into drug trafficking on the pretext that she would be importing female bags.
"I am a food vendor at Ajangbadi, Lagos and have never been involved in crime. I am a victim of man's cruelty to man", she lamented in her statement.
"My husband abandoned me with four children two years ago. I work hard to pay their fees and ensure their proper upkeep. The last straw that devastated me was when the landlord forcefully ejected me. I had nowhere to turn to for solace".
Chinelo said she was "crying like a baby" when a man appeared out of the blue to offer a shoulder to cry on, asking her to wipe away her tears and promising to introduce her to importation business.
I felt he was God-sent until he sponsored my trip to Addis Ababa. When I got to Ethiopia, he told me to take cocaine to Nigeria. Initially I disagreed, but he threatened to recover his investment at all cost.


  1. Ego! Money! Kwudi! Owow! So what becomes of her kids. It's a sad story. Chaiii. This woman should have known better.


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