Business man and Chairman of OPC shot dead in Church.

Chairman of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) & Chairman of the Police Community Relations Committee,Chief Tola Okuneye, a.k.a Ajagajigi, was murdered in cold blood yesterday, Sunday. He was reportedly seated during the service at St. John Anglican Church, Oke-open, when 10 gunmen, who rode in vehicles painted in Lagos commercial yellow colour, stormed the church and shot him at about 11a.m. The gunmen pretended to be worshippers. When they saw Okuneye, they shot him in the head and chest. He died on the spot.

The assailants fled the scene without taking anything away. Okuneye's body was deposited at a mortuary in Ijebu-Igbo.
A witness told Pm news..
"The killers struck at the time Rev. Oke was about to mount the pulpit. The young men walked into the church hall and headed straight for where the late Okuneye sat, brought their guns and fired him at close range. "Many were injured in the ensuing stampede. There was confusion when gunshots began to sound. We were shocked and everybody was jittery. The service came to an end abruptly. Some people, especially the elder are still in shock as I am talking to you now. Okuneye was well known in the town and neighbouring towns. He was among the earliest artisans in the business of furniture making in Ijebu,"

He is survived by six wives and over 20 children.


  1. In church? May God forgive these murderers. It is shocking. It is not even 2015 the killings have started. May His soul RIP. Very bad thing for someone to e killed like this.


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