Between Harrysong and YES International magazine, who is telling the truth?

A few days ago, an interview Harrysong supposedly granted to YES International magazine went viral. He revealed in the interview that his late parents were siblings. 

Well, it turned out that the interview isn't recent and was first published in 2012.

Harrysong has revealed through his publicist that he granted no such interview to YES magazine or any other. The magazine has also come out to insist that the interview is real.

See Harrysong's statement and that of YES International magazine below:
Harrysong's statement....,

Harrysong a.k.a Mr. Songz has reacted to the story making rounds on the blog about his parents, the news item culled from a supposed interview he had with a magazine and published on the 22nd of April, 2014. The sought after songwriter and singer finds it appalling that an interview of such would be fabricated and published.

'I have not granted any magazine an interview in the last 12 months where I spoke about my late parent so I find it worrisome, disheartening that a magazine would manufacture a story like such. It is disturbing,' Harrysong vents. Continue after the cut.

Harrysong reiterates that he did not speak to YES! Magazine, neither as he spoke about his parents in the press in recent time.

This would be the last and only statement Harrysong would be releasing and advises that every blog retract the story.

'I implore that the blogs and magazine respect the memory of my late mother and retract the story/interview. I really i'm busy promoting my new video for 'story',' Harrysong who just released a video for his new single titled 'Story' added.

YES International Replies Harrysong's Denial....
''Our attention has been drawn to a very disparaging comment from Harrysong, an up and coming artiste over an interview we conducted with him at Kcee’s Omole Phase 2, Ikeja, Lagos home.

As a responsible medium, YES INTERNATIONAL! had wanted to ignore him and his deliberate act of mischief. But on a second thought, we decided otherwise, because in our considered opinion, it will be suicidal to disregard the young man’s insinuations and cheap blackmail. However, we are also not unaware of Harrysong’s ignorance and this again is a restraining factor on our side.

So, we wish to inform Harrysong and people like him that a print medium or any organization for that matter that deals in news has a right to stagger any interview. What is giving him sleepless nights is the content of the interview which very few people will be proud of. But he did not speak under duress. So, we are wondering what prompted this sudden outburst and antagonism. More so, when he applauded the interview at the time it was first used on the cover of our magazine.

For the records, it is important to state that this controversial interview resurfaced because our website crashed and in rebuilding it, we are uploading our lost materials. In addition, we wish to inform Harrysong that the original tape is still intact and if he wishes to listen to his voice one more time, he is free to drop by at our Budland, Ikeja, Lagos office. Likewise any other person.


We are watching! 


  1. Hmmmmm...wahala. If Harrysong thinks yes magazine has manufactured d interview he should sue them. But, from d look of things YES magazine is not defending itself which means it might be telling d truth.

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  3. Na wah ohh!! Him denying the story makes it a big story now. Your parents were related so bloody what? People sha!}


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