Ace Movie director Tchidii Chikere tears his ex-wife apart on twitter. Haba!

I have  been tied up with my own palava and have totally missed out on all the love triangle drama between the trio of ace movie director Tchidi Chikere, Sophia Tchidi Chikere and Nuella  Njubigbo. I am sure y'all are well informed about how Tchidi left his actress wife Sophia and 3 kids to marry another actress Nuella. Sophia the supposed scorned wife and Nuella the alleged husband snatcher have voiced out their side of the story and now Tchidi has joined the blame game party.  Read all the dirty linen washing below. 

Chai.. Tchidi took to twitter to blast his ex-wife Sophia for claiming he cheated on her with Nuella who he married last week..He shared photos of her with another man ........the guy went hard on Sophia mehn. Nuella watch it! That proverbial cane that was used on the first wife is always lurking and waiting for the next in-line. If a man can badmouth the mother of his 3 sons like this! Watch it.
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  1. This I called 'Gobe'!!!!! This is serious gist oh! I thought these two denied dating before?....and did Tchidis wife cheat like he claims? Am speechless oh!!


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