103 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram from secondary school in Borno.

103 girls have reportedly been kidnapped after an attack on a Girls Secondary School located in Chibok, a town on the border of Adamawa and Borno state last night April 14th.
Armed men were said to have arrived at the school around 9pm, killed the soldier stationed to protect the students and took 103 out of the 250 girls that make up the school. The men took the girls away in four lorries. According to BBC Africa, the number of girls abducted may be as high as 200.

Residents of the area say the raid, which lasted from 9pm-3am, saw the destruction of several properties as the men overpowered the residents who put up initial defense.

Police Commissioner in Borno state, Lawan Tanko confirmed the incident to reporters in the state. 

And why are parents in the northern region of Nigeria still allowing their kids/wards to stay in boarding houses?


  1. See how Northerners are destroying the North....odiegwu!!!


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