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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vice President Namadi Sambo loses immediate younger brother in ghastly auto crash.

Vice President Arc. Namadi Sambo today lost his immediate younger brother Capt Sabo Sambo in a ghastly car accident along the Abuja Airport Road today. Captain Sabo was reportedly on his way to the airport to catch a flight when he crashed into a tree and his car went up in flames. According to eyewitnesses account, Capt Sabo got trapped in his car after the collision with the tree. He reportedly struggled desperately to get out when his car burst into flame but, unfortunately, could not. He was eventually burnt to death.
President Jonathan has also visited Vice President Namadi Sambo's family to pay condolence.

Between Harrysong and YES International magazine, who is telling the truth?

A few days ago, an interview Harrysong supposedly granted to YES International magazine went viral. He revealed in the interview that his late parents were siblings. 

Well, it turned out that the interview isn't recent and was first published in 2012.

Harrysong has revealed through his publicist that he granted no such interview to YES magazine or any other. The magazine has also come out to insist that the interview is real.

See Harrysong's statement and that of YES International magazine below:
Harrysong's statement....,

Harrysong a.k.a Mr. Songz has reacted to the story making rounds on the blog about his parents, the news item culled from a supposed interview he had with a magazine and published on the 22nd of April, 2014. The sought after songwriter and singer finds it appalling that an interview of such would be fabricated and published.

'I have not granted any magazine an interview in the last 12 months where I spoke about my late parent so I find it worrisome, disheartening that a magazine would manufacture a story like such. It is disturbing,' Harrysong vents. Continue after the cut.

Harrysong reiterates that he did not speak to YES! Magazine, neither as he spoke about his parents in the press in recent time.

This would be the last and only statement Harrysong would be releasing and advises that every blog retract the story.

'I implore that the blogs and magazine respect the memory of my late mother and retract the story/interview. I really i'm busy promoting my new video for 'story',' Harrysong who just released a video for his new single titled 'Story' added.

YES International Replies Harrysong's Denial....
''Our attention has been drawn to a very disparaging comment from Harrysong, an up and coming artiste over an interview we conducted with him at Kcee’s Omole Phase 2, Ikeja, Lagos home.

As a responsible medium, YES INTERNATIONAL! had wanted to ignore him and his deliberate act of mischief. But on a second thought, we decided otherwise, because in our considered opinion, it will be suicidal to disregard the young man’s insinuations and cheap blackmail. However, we are also not unaware of Harrysong’s ignorance and this again is a restraining factor on our side.

So, we wish to inform Harrysong and people like him that a print medium or any organization for that matter that deals in news has a right to stagger any interview. What is giving him sleepless nights is the content of the interview which very few people will be proud of. But he did not speak under duress. So, we are wondering what prompted this sudden outburst and antagonism. More so, when he applauded the interview at the time it was first used on the cover of our magazine.

For the records, it is important to state that this controversial interview resurfaced because our website crashed and in rebuilding it, we are uploading our lost materials. In addition, we wish to inform Harrysong that the original tape is still intact and if he wishes to listen to his voice one more time, he is free to drop by at our Budland, Ikeja, Lagos office. Likewise any other person.


We are watching! 

More photos from Tiwa Savage and Teebillz's Dubai wedding.

The wedding was obviously a classy one.  Continue to enjoy more photos.

Let's all get Lola Omotayo a good stylist......who's with me on this? Her style is very tepid!

Toke Makinwa! After running to do secret wedding, you are here eating other people's rice. Errrrrrm.......was it really a secret wedding, or they just smartly cut down cost? After all, she's just an OAP and compere and Maje Ayida is only a fitness trainer.......hehehe, I have my doubts.

Photos from Tiwa Savage's white wedding in Dubai!

The white wedding of singer Tiwa Savage to Tunji Balogun is currently happening in Dubai. The stunning bride is wearing a Vera Wang gown. More photos below!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Jude Okoye defends Lola Omotayo......says she wasn't the cause of their rift.

Since the Psquare brouhaha started, Peter Okoye's wife Lola Omotayo has been fingered, by many people, to be the one instigating the misunderstandings amongst the 3 brothers. According to stories, she and Peter's elder brother Jude weren't seeing eye to eye and that reportedly was the reason why he (Jude) didn't attend Peter and Lola's traditional wedding in November 2013.

I guess everyone can quit blaming her now. He has spoken.....hehehehe.

Tiwa Savage shows off the diamond earring she'll be wearing for her wedding + her bikini body!

Tomorrow, 26th April, singer Tiwa Savage will be walking down the aisle with her husband Tunji Balogun in Dubai. The blushing bride shared a photo of the diamond earring she'll be rocking on her big day. She also shared bikini photos for our LOOKING pleasure. See them below.....

The storm is over in the Psquare household! All brothers take to social media to pledge peace!

The storm is over! The Psquare family have settled their rift and they all took to their social media accounts to pledge their commitment to remaining Psquare. I am sure we are all dancing, Abi? More below......

GAY RAPE: 5 Nigerian university boys rape another university boy.

According to reports by LEADERSHIP news, Five male students of a Nigerian university landed into a big soup when they allegedly gang raped another young boy who nearly bled to death from the injuries he sustained from the assault.

LEADERSHIP learnt that one of the students, a 2nd year student whose name was given as Friday Desmond, had been lovers with the raped boy who name was given as George. He had promised to marry George as soon as he graduated from university. Their illicit love affair had been going on smoothly with both of them meeting regularly at selected places.

On that fateful day, however, Friday took four of his friends to Bwari Area Council where George lived with his parents and lured George to a hotel in the neighbourhood. LEADERSHIP learnt that the five students took turns to rape George.

After the incident George was allowed to go. At home, he discovered that he was bleeding from his anus. He quickly alerted his parents who tried every first aid measure to stop the bleeding to no avail. They quickly rushed George to a nearby medical centre where the health officials put him on intensive care.

Every attempt to stop the bleeding failed. The distraught parents enquired what happened to him and he told them how the five students gang raped him and left him with the injuries.

The parents immediately reported the matter in a police station in the area council and the operative swung into action and arrested Friday. LEADERSHIP learnt that the Police in Bwari later transferred the case to Kubwa where Friday is said to have remained in detention.

When LEADERSHIP contacted the FCT police command PRO, Altine Daniel, she said she was not aware of the case. She however demanded for the day the incident occurred so that she could find out from the station where the incident was reported.


This boys have landed in hot soup! They are facing 14 years in prison for same-sex relationship + the rape charges. Even the victim isn't  gonna get off easy, considering he was also  in a consenting sexual relationship with one of the rapists.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

P-square's elder brother Jude Okoye proposes to his girlfriend!

The manager and elder brother of the P-square twins, Jude Okoye, has proposed to his girlfriend today. The 39 year-old proposed to the Miss Tourism winner in 2012 MBGN, Ifeoma Michelle Umeokeke

Jude Okoye's younger brother Ikechukwu  made the announcement on twitter this evening. She and Jude have reportedly been dating for about a year. Jude proposed to her today which is also his birthday and she said yes. Big congrats to them.