Unbelievable crowd turn up for Nigerian Immigration Service employment exams.....7 reportedly killed in resultant stampede.

I actually saw part of the crowd at Abuja Stadium with my eyes. I was heading out when I sited a sea of people mostly dressed in white T-shirts and shorts ahead of me. I immediately entered panic mode....as I actually thought they were protesters. As I closed in on the crowd of people who spilled indiscriminately onto the road, a young man clutching a brown A4 envelope flagged me down. I stopped before I could think ( what a risk), he pleaded with me to help drop him off anywhere in front. I obliged and he went on to brief me on what the chaos was all about.

The Nigerian Immigration service was recruiting and their are reportedly 3000 openings for employment. Over 100, 000 unemployed youths turned up at each of the various designated centres for the employment tests. The crowds were uncontrollable in all the centres across the nation and 7 people reportedly died from the stampede.

According to reports, each applicant paid N1000 as application fee! You do the math.


  1. Oh dear!!! What is the Meaning of this? How sad bikonu!!! Naija....mtscheew

  2. Naija!! Na wah oo


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