Malaysian airline jet goes missing Mid-air with 239 people on board. Authorities suspect foul play.

Authorities hunting a missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner are suspecting possible involvement of terrorist in the flight's sudden and stunning disappearance over Southeast Asia.

While a daylong search failed to locate missing Flight MH370 or the 239 passengers and crew members aboard, red flags were raised when it was discovered that two of the passengers on the doomed plane boarded with stolen passports. As many as four people may have boarded with false documentation, the Washington Post reported.

The jet vanished during an otherwise routine flight without sending a distress signal, leading investigators to suspect a quick and catastrophic mid-air incident.

Early Sunday morning, Malaysia's air force chief said that military radar indicated the missing Boeing 777 jet may have turned back to Kuala Lumpur, but declined to give further details on how far the plane may have veered off course. Rodzali Daud said "there is a possible indication that the aircraft made a turnback," and that authorities were "trying to make sense of that."


  1. I believe this was a terrorist attack but only time shall tell.


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