China releases satellite images of what could be debris from the missing Malaysian airline plane.

A Chinese satellite searching for missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has found what it is calling a 'suspected crash area at sea' - releasing images of what they are describing as three 'large, floating, objects' in the South China Sea.

Chinese satellite imagery has been released which shows the 'suspected crash site' of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
The images appear to show three large pieces of debris - the largest of which is 78-feet by 72-feet
The satellite captured the images on March 9 - the day after the crash - but they were only released on Wednesday

The potentially crucial development comes on the fifth day of the search for the Boeing 777 - which seemingly vanished without trace early on Saturday morning.

China's State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense announced the discovery of the images in the are where rescuers first started looking on Saturday - along with other images of what appear to show an oil slick tracing the surrounding area.

The Chinese science agency provided coordinates of 105.63 east longitude, 6.7 north latitude, which would put the unidentified debris in waters just northeast of where it took off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

One former US aviation official said that the images represent the first and only solid lead that matches the Boeing 777's original flight path.

'These images are the first solid piece of evidence we have that they were on the correct flight path,' said Peter Goelz, the former managing director of the US federal National Transportation Safety Board to CNN.

The US Navy will be deploying two navy vessels to the area, Commander William Marks told the cable news network.

Culled from Daily Mail.


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