Anti-Government protests in Ukraine boils over as Russia intervenes.

President Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine has been under heavy opposition for 3 months by protesters who have insisted that he carries out some constitutional reforms that will limit his power as a president .

The protest was prompted in November after the president back-pedalled on a trade pact it was suppose to sign with the European Union in favour of closer ties with Russia.

What started as a street protest in the independence square soon deteriorated into a bloodbath in February as government unleashed snipers on the protesters. Over 70 have reportedly been killed and hundreds more injured.

Russia has now waded in with military intervention to protect its interest in the former Soviet Union country. A move that doesn't go down well with the United States. President Obama has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of 'consequences' if Russian troops are not pulled out of Ukraine. A warning that has so far gone unheeded.

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