Another air disaster averted as US flight carrying 149 people suffers tyre burst during take-off!

A US Airways plane blew a tire during take-off Thursday evening at Philadelphia's airport.

Unites State Airways Flight 1702 was heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when the front tyre blew out and the pilot decided to abort take-off. The nose gear then collapsed when the pilot tried to land the plane again.
The plane was carrying 149 passengers and five crew who emerged unhurt ..A Passenger told CBS
""We were airborne, then struck back down by the nose. The plane went up, came back down a little bit the first time, then didn't think much of it. Went up the second time, and then kind of felt loose and went straight back into the ground. Kind of sheer terror in everyone's eyes," 
Thank God for their life! We are all still horrified about the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian flight with 239 people on board.