21 Boko Haram detainees killed after a foiled jailbreak at the SSS headquarters in Abuja.

My son took ill and was admitted for a couple of days. We have just been discharged today.

Back to the matter on ground, there was a major chaos at the State Security Service (SSS) headquarters in Abuja yesterday, 30th March 2014 after a botched jailbreak by some Boko Haram Detainees. According to reports a warder went to the cells to feed the terrorists when one of them struck him on the head with his handcuff. This led the other terrorists to join in and a gun battle ensued between the members of the military and the criminals.
The attempted jailbreak got the whole nation in panic after many thought the gun battle happened at the presidential villa which is only a stone throw from the SSS headquarters.
Marilyn Ogar, the spokesperson for the Department of State Security Services (SSS) said yesterday that 21 detained terrorists died during the attack.
"Following our earlier releases, it has been established that eighteen (18) casualties were recorded, while two (2) Service personnel sustained serious injuries. Three (3) other detainees who sustained gunshot injuries during the incident have also died.
"Meanwhile, investigation is still ongoing to ascertain the immediate and remote causes.
"We wish to state that the roads leading to the office were cordoned-off to prevent possible assistance from external collaborators. During this period, the precinct of the office and adjoining neighbourhoods were thoroughly searched.
"We wish to restate our commitment to the safety of the people and the Nigerian nation at large." Marilyn Ogar said in a further statement released yesterday.


  1. Eyah Zainab, I thought you said you had exams so i was relaxed thinking you were still busy with studying...My love and kisses to the young one. Hope he is better now.....Boko Haram matter don tire person. Only a divine intervention can help us now. I just hope that the 21 people were really Boko Haram members and not innocent people being framed.

    1. Tnx dear. I was rounding up my exam when my less-than 3 year-old son too seriously ill. But thank God all is well now. God bless you for always being here Eby.

    2. Thank God for recovery. And Thanks Zainab for taking your time to let us know whats happening around. God will surely bless your hardwork.


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