Video: See how Akolade Arowolo burst into tears/prayers after being sentenced to death for killing his wife.

This is a lesson for people who are quick to lose self-control and do drastic things that turn out to be costly. Domestic violence is a horrible monster that has eaten deep into the fibre of marriages and relationships across the world. And it is by no means restricted to any particular gender; men are exposed to domestic violence almost as much as women.

On the 24th of June 2011, Akolade Arowolo acted on impulse and allowed his temper to get the better of him. He stabbed his wife, Titilayo, 76 times (ha! 76 times! That's total and now his life is doomed! He ended her life and by extension ended his too. He has been sentenced to death and no amount of tears can undo his mistake or change the remainder of his life on death row.

Stay safe! I love you all.