Photo of Don Jazzy and Rihanna during their traditional wedding.....loool.

This is hilarious! Ok, Donjazzy is obsessed with American musician, Rihanna. He has always made his love and wish to marry her very public, especially on twitter.

So, a fan designed a photoshopped picture of Rihanna and Don Jazzy decked in traditional Nigerian wedding outfits and clinging to each other like a couple. He also went on to label the photo "Surulere", which stands for "Patience is rewarding". Don Jazzy was so excited about the photo that he used it as his twitter avatar and also promised the young man that designed it that a member of his record label (Mavin) will contact him shortly.

Don Jazzy is a funny character though....lool.


  1. For a moment i really thought it was Riri...hahaha. Photoshop is too crazy, i tell you. lol


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