Omotola gets a bottle of the £1.3 million Gout De Diamante champagne from Alexander Amosu for her birthday?

I want to believe luxury designer, Alexander Amosu just lent her the bottle of champagne for photo sake (spot the bottle on the table)....looool.

The man is probably waiting by the door for her to finish and return his diamond encrusted champagne bottle.

Alexander Amosu's Gout de diamant costs £1.3 million which is equivalent to N342,564,000.

I am yet to see anyone pouring from that bottle though.


  1. Amosu and this his champagne, hope people are buying it... All this money for one bottle Of ???? HBD Omosexy joor

  2. I am yet to see anyone who has bought this wine...all i see is wine presented to celebs as gifts...okay oh

  3. Zainab you are right the bottle is for decor


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