Mother-of-four who survived cancer shared her post-cancer surgery body only to lose over 100 facebook friends.

Last year on her 32nd birthday, Mrs Beth Whaanga was diagnosed with breast cancer and doctors found she had the BRCA2 gene. As a preventative measure she underwent a double mastectomy (removal of both breasts) and breast reconstruction

The gene, which predisposes women to breast cancer, saw hollywood actress Angelina Jolie undergoing the same surgery last year too.

Refusing to hide her scarred body following the surgery, Ms Whaanga decided to share photos of her post-surgery body on Facebook. The mother-of-four shared photos of the horrific scars of her battle against cancer... only to lose more than 100 Facebook friends who found the powerful images offensive.


I apologise to anyone who may have found these images disturbing or offensive. The goal is to create awareness for cancer.


  1. Na wah ohhhhh, this is not offensive to me but why would she want to share these pictures? Its enough to set up a foundation and create awareness but to share these pictures? Mba biko....i can see why her friends opted out, i can also see wanted to raise awareness but it can put people off really...

  2. I can understand why her friendshad to unfriend her. Not everyone can stand the sight of this creepy pictures. Cancer is really dangerous.

  3. Deres nothing wrong with dis picture well none dat I saw. Pple jst tk decisions witout wearing one's shoe 2 kw hw it feels... It's left 4 her 2 feel bad about her body afta all diz surgery yet she came out clean to mk oda cancer patient feel secure about dia bodies it doesn't end dere she jst proved only d living can fluent wat d got.


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