Katy Perry under fire from Muslims for showing 'Burning Allah' symbol in her new video.

Katy Perry is under serious criticism for a scene in her latest music video "Dark Horse". In the scene, Katy shot lightning at a man wearing an Arabic 'Allah' Symbol and the man burned down with the necklace.

Over 50, 000 muslim have signed a petition on change.org demanding that Youtube pulls down the video. Shazad Iqbal of Bradford, West Yorkshire, who started the Change.org petition, said the burning of the pendant with the Arabic word for God was "blasphemous" and "distasteful". 

If you watch the video, at the 01.15 minute point, a man is shown being burned, whilst wearing 2 pendants. Funnily, I didn't clearly see the 'Allah' pendant on his neck in the video. But the pendant is shown clearly in the photo above.

What's your take on this? I am on the fence on this matter.

Watch the video below....


  1. My favourite show on EuroTV is the "no comment" programme. I choose to sit on the fence here...no comments at all...lol

  2. Any comment might come out like criticism to the people it may concern so I did rather not say anything.


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