Denrele Edun's warm tribute to Goldie one year after her passing away.

TV personality and Channel O VJ, Denrele Edun was the late Goldie's best friend, they actually lived together before her sudden death last year. He shared this tribute to her as he remembers her one year after.

What starts as a small pebble falling into the water, will cause ripples to grow and grow until they cascade out wards into chaos. I loved her. She was my friend and my life has been enriched, because of her. #HeavenCouldntWaitForYou. That's what Heaven is.....You get to make sense of your yesterdays! I lift my heart to her in honor, and with joy, knowing that she is finally free. And if I experience just a tiny drop of the happiness she feels now, I will consider myself so fortunate to be alive.


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