Deliberate or mistake? Forbes refers to president Jonathan with a wrong name.

Forbes is arguably the most prestigious business magazine in the world. People believe almost everything Forbes publishes.

Well, it turns out that they don't know our president's name. From the image above you'd notice they referred to President Jonathan as 'Johnson'. It's shocking, considering that a simple search online would have given them the correct name.

So, media personality (presenter of 'Rubbin Minds' and 'The Spot'), Ebuka Obi-Uchendu tweeted at Forbes to draw their attention to the error and they immediately corrected it and responded to Ebuka.

You are wondering why all the fuss? Well, It's Forbes that tweeted at him o! Forbes!! Looool. Continue below.

Ebuka and forbes are now 'Rubbin Minds'..lool


  1. Hahaha....they couldnt get right the name of Africas most populous nation. Shame on them....GEJ has suffered more than anyother Nigerian president. I dont like that at all...


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