BBA host, IK Osakioduwa talks about the special relationship he has with his wife.

IK Osakioduwa's wife, Olo, is the kind of wife most men would want to have. She stands up for her man always and has had tweet fights on his behalf many times when people accused him of flirting with girls. He shares insights into the kind of relationship he has with his wife in this interview with Punch. Read....

"My wife is a sweet girl. She goes up in arms for me whenever she needs to. That is the beauty of our relationship. One of the reasons why I would never answer any of the girls on my case is that I know who really has my back. When it comes down to it, my wife has my back. There are fights she would go into on my behalf that I don't need to worry about. If I have no money and things are not working out in my life, the one person who would be there for me is my wife and I don't have a doubt about it."
I met her years ago. We were both dating someone else but we became friends. I found that I could talk to her and she could talk to me. We would gist all the time. Sometimes she would ask me a question and I would jokingly say that I would answer her when we got married. We never took it serious. I think I dated three girls between the time I met her and when we started dating. I feel she is beautiful, attractive, and she makes a very good friend. So I told her I knew she was dating a guy I knew but I just realised that she was the kind of person that I could spend the rest of my life with. It took me another seven months before she said yes and we have been best of friends since then."
This woman is IK's ultimate voltron! Loool. Try and talk nonsense about her husband or marriage and she would tear you down to size.


  1. Nice cuople...thye look so good together

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