Wild birds attack 2 peace doves released by Pope Francis!

Two white doves that were released by children standing alongside Pope Francis as a peace gesture have been attacked by other birds.

As tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter's Square on Sunday, a seagull and a large black crow swept down on the doves right after they were set free from an open window of the Apostolic Palace.

One dove lost some feathers as it broke free from the gull. But the crow pecked repeatedly at the other dove.

It was not clear what happened to the doves as they flew off.

While speaking at the window beforehand, Francis had appealed for peace in Ukraine, where anti-government protesters have died.

Culled from CBS news.


  1. Bad sign, shebi he said gay is good...okay oh

  2. For people who believe in signs, this is not a good sign at all.

  3. Just see how i resurrected this blog and all of you have laughed...abeg 5 kpozaaa for me. Meanwhile this na really bad thing wey happen. Reminds me of when IBB released birds when he was leaving govt...soteee bird no gree fly. Dont one of IBBB come mean say Nigeria no go move forward, this one of Pope Francis mean say nothing like peace for now. Na me talk am....THE GREAT PROPHET

  4. He dint say gay is good, he only said we should not jugde dem,cus we r not God


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