Photo: PDP halts construction of it's multi-million Naira headquarters in Abuja.

The ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) has abruptly stopped work on the gigantic edifice being constructed as it's National headquarters in Abuja. The building (pictured above) is located on Muhammadu Buhari way, Central Area, Garki.

A few months back there was a beehive of construction work going on there and it had a bold PDP signpost on it. But since the start of the endless crisis that has plagued the party in recent times, I have noticed that all signs linking the building to the Party has been taken off and construction work has also been put on hold.

What could be the reason for the stop of construction work and what new drama does the PDP have up it's sleeve now?


  1. The PDP is crashing dowm... I think they have more urgent issues to tackle than erecting a physical structure when actually the internal structure is sick.

  2. The house is on fire. Things are falling apart so the centre cannot hold. That building is the smallest of their problems


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