Photo of the day: A little black girl in a "human zoo" in Belgium - 1958.

Wooow! Many years ago not only were blacks used as slaves to their white masters, some kids were kept in a "human zoo" like animals.

Yes, that was the degree of racism that existed in countries like America, France, Belgium etc.

The photo above was taken in 1958 in Belgium. It shows a little girl of less than 10 surrounded by people who came to watch her like an animal in a zoo.


  1. They actually did this in 1958? Gosh! They are even more uncivilized than africa at that time. Stuuuupid racism go kill una

  2. This is as strange as it gets, can you imagine!!!!! Wow!!! How racist is this?

  3. Funny you'd say that South Central Africa at that moment in time had exhibits with tribes members,

  4. We shouldn't do that nor colonize the continent, It back fired as a result,
    a tsunami of blacks from Africa invade Europe now.

  5. er, it was an exhibit at the 1958 Trade Fair, featuring a Somali Village, alongside other such things, Swiss Village, German Beer Festival etc. it was a display not some real zoo ! jesus, look into things people.


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