Photo: How do people survive in this kind of climate!!!

This is not snow! This is ice!!

The miracle of man's ability to adapt never ceases to amaze me.

I can't even imagine myself in this setting. Someone like me that can't stand it if the AC is on 16 degrees celcius for too long.....I immediately start shivering o. I might just metamorphose into frozen fish...hahahah.

God is the greatest.


  1. Zainab my sister, leave matter...what you see is a small matter. Today it was minus 40 degrees where i live in Swden, did you get that?...-40. i thought today is the day i loose my toes because even though i had thick stockings and boots on, it was useless....People in Naija dont realise how lucky thye are!!!

    1. Eby, I saw ur comment and started shivering! -40 is about the same as the temperature of a freezer in Nigeria o. Wow!

  2. My dear we are at the Mercy of God...imagine if Nigeria could attract tourist, the boom it would be to our economy in the winter months. God dey sha


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