Petition to deport Justin Bieber hits over 100, 000 signatures in less than a week!

Oh well! Americans have had enough of pop sensation, Justin Bieber. The Canadian out-of-control teen might just get deported from the United States as a result of his string of bad behaviours.

The possibility is slim though. However, less than a week after a petition for his deportation was first posted to the American government's "We the People" platform, over 100,000 Americans have signed asking the Obama administration to revoke Bieber's green card.

According to those that want him deported:
"he is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth."

Bieber, 19, was last week arrested for DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest in Miami. Before that, he has been reported to be a nuisance in the gated highbrow Calabasas neighbourhood where he lives.

Usually when a petition gets up to 100, 000 in 10 days it is automatically sent to the White House for immediate response. Bieber's own got there in less than a week....hehehe.

It's your call Obama, what's it gonna be?

Recently in an interview with Oprah, she asked him: when was the last time somebody said "NO" to you? And he replied: I can't remember.

Make una free the guy jor! What do you expect from a 19 year-old with more money than he can spend and Paparazzi cameras all over him 24/7?


  1. Habba...what did he do to deserve that now? Did Kanye not hit someone the other day? It has a jealousy undertone....afterall he is not a terrorist. Na wah, anyway i bet e isnt going anywhere


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