Must see! Check out this very interesting Japanese eye test.

Sorry for being away guys. I had to go for lectures on Friday/Saturday and was over exhausted from driving to and fro a very long distance. I took time off to catch my breath....

And to the blog visitor that asked if I have given up on blogging? The answer is no!!!! I am not blogging to be like anybody....! It's more about passion than ambition dear. It's my money and time that goes into it, you know.

Just because there is one big supermarket around doesn't mean others should close shop abi? Remember no one stays on top forever! See what's happening to the almighty Manchester United football club (lessons of life).....hahahah.

Ahhh! Nigerians una PHD (pull him/her down) syndrome too much jare!!

Back to the matter! The photo above is a very interesting Japanese eye test. If you can't read it clearly, squint your eyes till it is almost shut and watch the words pop up.


  1. Hahahahahahaa...its the first time that you actually made me laugh out loud. Zainab you sure have humour. This supermarket is the next BIG THING...Dont mind Nigerians

  2. You no go thank me say my bad mouth bring Zainab back? Abegi

  3. @ Zainab...hahaha!!! You cracke dme up big time. The story of manchester united is another matter for another day. That annonymous just dey look for trouble....hahahahaha.


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