Mikel Obi declares there's NO marriage plans with Russian girlfriend.

Mikel Obi gave a lot of Nigerian ladies high bp when he shared intimate photos of himself & Russian girlfriend, Olga Diyachenko. Nigerian fans went ballistic on him with questions and a particular fan tore him down to bits until Mikel was forced to respond. Read below:
@mimi6uk: Mikel abi u no c ur black sisters out der to date, u come here to show world ur white b****? black stars n complex, always feeling white woman is better…dats y deese white people dont hve respect for u black guys in abroad cos dey know they've made u to dislike ur own, gross!
And Mikel responded(@officialmikelcfc): "Sister take it easy, it only a photo no marriage yet, trust me"
So, all my single sisters that are crushing on him, there is still hope. He is still anybody's game! Hehehehhhe.


  1. Hahaha..Mikel wants a russian baby mama.

  2. I wonder sometimes why the white girls get the best black men???


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