How far is too far? Joan Rivers calls Kim Kardashian's baby 'Ugly'!

The very hilarious E! Fashion Police host, Joan Rivers has taken her jokes a little too far this time around. The octogenarian took a direct jab at Kim and Kanye's daughter, North West by calling her Ugly.

Joan explained how she had met the 6 months old toddler when Kim brought her into the E! television network studio.
While talking to the audience at Saban Theater,Los Angeles Joan said; 
'That baby is ugly... I've never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing.

Kanye West has a new person to beat up....loool. I disagree with Joan though, the baby is very cute.


  1. Ugly woman herself oh, unashamed grandmother...i think se went too far. If i were Kim and Kanye i will not answer her. The woman is crazy. This is unfair. Hiaaa

  2. Joan u are very wrong on this.

  3. The baby is cute abeg Joan and that her big bad mouth sef

  4. Joan! not with u dis time. dat baby is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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