Prisoner chops off his own manhood in protest for not getting presidential pardon.

A Kenyan death row inmate chopped off his own penis after missing out on a presidential pardon.

After telling fellow prisoners that he would not need the organ anymore, Francis Karuri chopped off the appendage and then continued his work, before passing out on the floor in his cell.

He was discovered by guards and taken to the Kenyatta Nation Hospital to be treated for the wound, and unconsciousness due to loss of blood.

File photo: Francis Karuri (not pictured) chopped off his own penis in protest at not being freed from prison

But, perhaps due to the fact that the injury was caused 13 hours before, the organ was unable to be attached by medics.

The inmate, who has so far served 15 years in prison was following proceedings of the Uhuru ceremony where 50 prisoners were sent free.

He was hoping that his name would be read out on a list of inmates which would be released in time for Christmas.

But President Uhuru Kenyatta had not included Mr Karuri, and the prisoner took the drastic action.

The Daily Star reported that friends of Mr Karuri said that he had been looking forward to seeing friends and family, and had expected to be released.

In Kenya it is a state tradition for the president to grant pardons to a set number of inmates on national holidays.

At the ceremony the names of those who will receive a pardon are read out, and many eagerly wait to hear if they are on the list.

Despite being on death row, it is likely that Mr Karuri will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Human Rights organisations are currently lobbying for the death penalty to be abolished in the country.

Culled from dailymail.

Now that he has cut off his p*nis, how will he wee wee? 


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