Minister of Works wants feedbacks on the state of federal roads in Nigeria.

Here is a statement from the Minister of Works, 
Mike Onolememem  requesting feedbacks from Nigerians on the state of federal roads in the country.
Oftentimes, been in a position of authority comes with its own set of challenges. A good example is the bureaucracy that shields leaders from realities on ground. Most times, a minister’s aide(s) might not be his best means of touching base. Hearing directly from the people, without exposing oneself to unnecessary distractions, is the sure way to see and feel what is going on.
I want to hear directly from road users and patriotic Nigerians who desire to join hands with us to make our FEDERAL ROADS better than they are at present. I have created an email account ( through which you can reach me directly to lay your complaints ,proffer suggestions or inform me on just about anything to do with Federal roads. However, I will need the following favours: Continue...

A       Is there a federal road that needs urgent attention?
B.      We have done some roads. Are they okay by you? (photographs attached)
C.      Are any of our contractors not living up to their responsibilities on the job?
D.      In what way do you think we can further improve and maintain the state federal roads in Nigeria?
E.       Kindly let us know any federal road we should be preparing to pay attention to that is not already on our list.
I have received a number of awards, commendations and pats on the back for supposedly ‘a job welldone’. I appreciate all of that but I am not swayed, deceived or disillusioned to believe that all is well with federal roads all over Nigeria. In as much as any government (or minister,for that matter) cannot fix all Nigerian roads, I believe we can do our utmost best with the resources available to make life better, make a mark and be able to say before God and man that we did our best.
 I believe more than anything that qualitative change is possible if the leaders and the led are committed to it. I believe more than anything that qualitative change is possible if the leaders and the led are committed to it. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Honourable Minister of Works
Mike Onolememem 


  1. Wow!! The roads are quite a transformation. This looks really good. Sometime positive out of Naija is always a delight. Welldone sir


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