Plane carrying the body of Late. Olusegun Agagu has crash landed. All the details....

Oh God! I went to the salon to give myself a little beauty makeover, only to come online and find this devastating news! This is really tragic. Please read below.

A chartered 30 seater plane carrying the body of late former Ondo state Governor, Olusegun Agagu from Lagos to Akure crash landed shortly after take-off around the Murtala Muhammed airport, Lagos! The Associated Airlines plane, with registration number 5NBJY, was said to have lost its engine less than a minute after take-off. The pilot reportedly tried to return to the airport, but unfortunately the plane crash landed 800 meters from MMI airport.

20 passengers and 7 crew members were reported to have been on board. The passengers are said to be relatives of the late. Agagu, who were transporting his corpse to Akure for his burial slated for this weekend.

9 bodies have been recovered and 5 survivors rescued from the crash site including the casket with the body of Late. Agagu. Rescue operations are still ongoing.

The only son on the late Agagu is said to be among the survivors. The Identities of the bodies are yet to be announced.

The black box of the air plane have been recovered and will be taken for analysis.

This is really sad!


  1. OMG! This is terrible, Thank God for d son who survived....cbnworld

  2. Zainab!!! Its a Sad day, am speechless.


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