Photo: See the plane crash survivor who walked out of the wreckage by himself!

Femi Akinsanya, son- in-law of the late former Governor Olusegun Agagu whose body was being conveyed to Akure in the ill-fated plane, walked out of the remains of the Embraer 120 aircraft.

Akinsanya, along with his brother in-law, Mr. Feyi Agagu, the late Agagu's son, were the only family members of the late governor on board the ill-fated plane.

As it turned out, they were among the seven survivors. After the aircraft crashed, Akinsanya, a Lagos businessman, was seen walking out of the wreckage before the aircraft caught fire. He suffered a minor injury on his head.

He was stopped by officers of the Air force, who where the first responders at the scene, as he walked away, apparently conscious. They assisted him to stop the flow of blood on his head. He insisted he wanted to go home to join his family, according to eyewitnesses. He was then taken to the nearby Air Force clinic.

An eye witness said: "I saw one man walk out on his legs. I think he is the only one that walked out."

It was gathered that Akinsanya broke the news of the crash to the burial party waiting at the Akure airport to receive the body of the former governor, which was to lie in-state in the Ondo State capital yesterday.
He reportedly spoke to Mr. Femi Agagu, the late former governor's younger brother, who broke the news to Governor Olusegun Mimiko, who was leading the burial party.


  1. This just shows you that God will save those whom he will save. Life is a mystery. I really thank God that people survived this crash, it could have been worse. I mourn Deji Falaye today, i will be quiet for the rest of the day as i reflect and pray God to comfort his wife Ese. He was a fine gentleman, and will be sadly missed.

  2. So it's true Deji died??? What a rude shock!!!! Am speechless. This life eh.

  3. All the lives lost are as important. But I must admit that this man's and his son's hit me the hardest. Couldn't play it out in my head, I was hoping they would report they are among the ones who made it.

    Can't take his memory out of my head bcos he undertook my sis's burial too. Very soothing are his words of comfort and support. Ah why oh God?? Why???

    Am sure he embarked on this with his son bcos of Agagu's status, and he usually palls the burials of celebrities with his son leading the caskets. So it explains why they were both on that flight.

    What sorts of soothing words can one possibly gv their families?? It is beyond painful. Now the undertakers have to be undertaken as a result of the gruesome crash. No thanks to Agagu's dead body. I am not afraid to say that Agagu's death has brought nothing but sheer badluck to a lot of families in Nigeria today.

    You need to go to town to see how bad this thing has hit everyone. Talk about the other innocent pall bearers etc. The Falaes too..the cabin God! Ondo town is a mess right now, mixture of anger and sorrow.

    Would u believe that agagu's casket still made it to Ondo today? That is life. When we go out of our ways to do certain things, either for money or on compassionate grounds, let's not make it a 'do or die' affair. Cos should anything happen to u, those whom u were trying to "please" will live on immediately. Yes these ones died on the job...!

    Am not saying the Agagu family are to blame...but there's a lot of underlined questions to this monumental tragedy of all time. I grieve for these ones. Very painful.

    1. I guess you mean MIC Boss right?

    2. Am sorry, yes the MIC BOSS and his son. THE OGUNSANYAS, It stings like bee. This is sad.

  4. Okunsanya's not Ogunsanya. But anyway tell me how that matters, a woman has lost her husband and son. Sad.


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