President Obama reveals that he hasn't smoked for 6 years because he is scared of his wife!

This Monday, at the ongoing UN Peace assembly, President Obama was caught unaware by a CNN open mic as he privately chatted with Maina Kiai, special rapporteur on the rights of freedom to peaceful assembly.

Here is the conversation that ensued between them:

I hope you've quit smoking,' Obama says, according to a recording of the conversation aired by CNN. 'Sometimes,' Kiai responds, before asking Obama whether he's kicked his habit.

'I haven't had a cigarette in probably six years,' Obama replied. 'That's because I'm scared of my wife,' he added with a grin.

Awwww! Obama is so sweet, right?


  1. he is not only a good leader, he is also a good husband

  2. Wow!!! Behind every successful man.... He had to respect his wife to succeed. Now how many men can say that?? How nice!!!


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