Comedian Bovi writes his name on the Hollywood walk of fame!

Bovi's wife just dlivered their second child a few days back in the US. Being a Comedian, Bovi is out and about looking for trouble instead of staying indoors with his new

He wrote his name on an empty star in the Coveted Hollywood walk of fame...with a marker of course...lool!

The Hollywood walk of fame is on Hollywood Boulevard and only people with outstanding achievements in their chosen careers get to have the recognition of owning a star on that walk way.

Somebody should wake Bovi up o...loool! Hollywood walk of fame is not for his type.


  1. Lmao!!! The guy dey craze. Hilarious. He should try harder, one day it will happen for real.

  2. No worry dreams will come true soon, you, so says Seyi

  3. Hehehehe....this guy can dream shaa


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