Boko haram leader Abubakar Shekau appears in a video and says he is still alive.

The leader of the outlawed Boko Haram sect, Abubakur Shekau, whom the Joint Task Force (JTF) had claimed was mortally injured in a shootout last month and had died somewhere in Cameroun,  Wednesday resurfaced in a recorded video message, threatening to continue his killing spree until democracy is crushed in Nigeria.

Shekau even boasted that he remained invincible and mocked world leaders including President Goodluck Jonathan, President Barack Obama of the United States, President Francois Hollande of France and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Reacting to the news of his appearance on a video, the Nigerian Army yesterday refused to confirm or dismiss the recording, saying they were yet to verify its authenticity.

The JTF, last month, had claimed that Shekau had been mortally wounded in a shootout with security forces and had died some days later in Cameroun, as a result of the injuries he sustained.

But JTF's statement had caused consternation at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja, with sources informing THISDAY at the time that the JTF did not have their authorisation to make a statement on Shekau's death.

DHQ sources had also expressed doubts about the veracity of the statement by JTF.
They further blamed the JTF spokesman, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, for trying to ensure that the task force took the credit for Shekau's death before a new army division that had been deployed in Northeastern Nigeria took over from the JTF.

Shekau, who was surrounded in the video mailed yesterday to some journalists by dozens of his lieutenants all dressed in military camouflage, spoke amidst laughter and sarcasm as he accepted responsibility for recent attacks in Borno State.

Shekau, who until he was declared dead was the most wanted Nigerian in history, with a ransom of N50 million from the Nigerian government and $7 million from the American government, seemed to have recorded the video in a bush as birds were heard chirping in the background.

He declared that his ultimate aim was to ensure democracy ceased to exist in Nigeria.
He also mocked the Nigerian army, whom he claimed his group had succeeded in taking three of their armoured tanks, a large cache of arms and fleets of the military vehicles and troops.

Shekau, who spoke in Hausa, said: "The world should know that I cannot die except by the will of Allah. I have told you that all that I do is prescribed by the Quran. The essence of it is to carry out the injunctions.

"The world should know that I am alive and will only die at the appointed time. Everybody should be judged according to the dictates of his conscience.

"What I am doing is written in the Holy Qur'an and the Hadith and I will not stop. I challenge all the clerics of the world to question my deeds. Those underrating my capacity should have a re-think. I will never allow democracy to thrive.

"Don't bother yourselves stopping me because I cannot be stopped. The war is more grievous than you think, and it will consume you.

"I swear by Allah that there will be no democracy in Nigeria. We are going to rise against it and we shall soon defeat it. The concept of government of the people by the people, for the people cannot continue to exist. It shall soon, very soon, be replaced by Government of Allah, by Allah for Allah,"

He added: "It was said that I was killed, but here I am. I deliberately refused to respond on time, but here I am talking and laughing at the Nigerian authority who misled the world that I am dead.

"I believe by now Lt Col. Sagir Musa, who issued the statement of my death should bury his head in shame; President Jonathan should bury his head in shame; President Barrack Obama should bury his head in shame, President François Hollande should bury his head in shame, Queen Elizabeth (of England) should bury her head in shame."

He went on: "How shameful is it for the Nigerian military for a man they called inconsequential to defeat them and seize their tankers and arms. "We have celebrated our victory in Monguno, Benisheikh and surrounding villages, and we shall not relent until total victory comes our way, by Allah's will."

He said the Nigerian military would never subdue his group. "Nigerian soldiers are late. After killing many of them in Monguno and Benisheik, we have snatched their armoured carriers and Hilux van and then hoisted Islamic flags on them. We now move freely with them," he claimed.

However, the Nigerian Army declined to verify the authenticity of the video.
Speaking to THISDAY yesterday, Director, Army Public Relations (DAPR), Brig-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, said the military authorities were yet to verify the authenticity of the video showing Shekau.

Attahiru said the army could not make any statement either in support or debunk the claims until it concluded its investigation into the matter.

"For now, all we can say is that we cannot verify the authenticity of the story. We are still examining the veracity of the video," he said.

Other military sources informed THISDAY yesterday that the mood within the military over the video recording was one of caution and apprehension, as the earlier report of Shekau's death had led to a conflict between DHQ and JTF in Borno State.

"You know that the whole story about Shekau's death is very sensitive and controversial. The top military hierarchy are still bitter over the way the news was broken, and have been sceptical since then.

"What we want to avoid is this kind of situation where we will be forced to retract our statement.

"However, there is still a high possibility that Shekau is dead and the video is aimed at further creating confusion.
"The challenge now is for the military to once and for all prove that the man is really dead through more creditable sources," one military officer said.

Source: ThisDay News


  1. They should have verified it first before announcing his death. Now see how embarrassed they are in.

  2. Animal,blood sucker,the entire world has become a prison yard to u.U cannot die,is n’t,u must die,if osama could be captured &killed,who are u then?idiot.

  3. Experts will be analyzing the video footage to see if it is authentic. Perhaps the man in it is Shekau, but perhaps it isn’t.

    1. Which expert? You be learner? Naija get expert?

  4. Shekau.l hope u are literate enough to read this.only Almighty God is day,u shall meet ur waterloo(that’s if u are not dead already).All the innocent blood u have shed with ur blood sucking troop will surely get justice from their Creator,and ur end will be so painful,because u will die and the dogs shall lick ur blood and the vultures shall eat ur carcasses.God will surely avenge the deaths of all that u have sent to their untimely graves.ln the meantime,make ur home with animals and birds in the forest as the vagabond that u are.u have no place among humans becos u are not one.keep hiding in caves and holes,bloody hypocrite! says Seyi

  5. If he’s alive,so be it.But,he must know that he will die by the gun.HIS DAYS ARE NUMBERED BY JEHOVAH.

  6. You shall die a painful and disgraceful death in Jesus name. God’s wrath shall fall upon you very very soon in Jesus name. Amen.

  7. You are not a true muslim , you are just a terrorist. Allah have not instructed you to kill your fellow human beings ,becos they are not animals. Though even if you are not killed before
    now, have it in mind that your days are numbered.

  8. But you know what Shekau is doing is un-Islamic? please kindly ask him to show either in the Holy Qur'an or an Hadith where Almighty Allah (SWA) says live should be taken for just no cause? Haba what has Benisheik people, Bama, Kaga and Manguno people did to be killed in a cold blood? what has innocent school children would be just like that? and many more cases. May Allah save our soul. Amin

  9. Shekau is an evil man the devil is using to perpertuate his evil act. Even if he is not dead physically he is a walking coupse and the blood of the innocent lives of fathers, mothers, children he killed will judge him and he and his folllower and whoever supports his evil acts will rot forever in the hottest part of hell

  10. Shekau is not my problem but our corrupt leaders. Because, they are the inventors and source of Boko Haram due to their fraudulent, corrupted attitude and selfishness which make those people to think and regard Western education as Sinful thinking that Western Education teaches nothing except corruption, fraudulance and other vices. If every citizen of Nigeria is being given what he deserved there will never be anything like Boko Haram, kidnappers, militant etc.

  11. Dead or alive, Shekau is of no use to Nigeria. We pray that he will be alive to see the end of each of his sponsors. Peace from God to Nigeria.

  12. As far as the army chief is concerned the war with boko haram should last for as long as possible because the general is busy making a lot of money from the operations. It is a pity when people not qualified are appointed to hold sensitive positions. Why is the JTF a Nigerian army affairs only,why can't it be a joint operation consisting of all services with the SSS for intelligence gathering? Please Mr President have a good look at this suggestion. What is boko haram against the well trained Nigerian troops?they can Be crushed in a few days if only we get the operation out of the hands of the army chief.


  13. I believe some people somewhere are playing pranks with our intelligence. This is reminiscent of the games played to our senses between Usama bin Laden and the Americans.

    Now after bleeding the country dry, the benefactors of Boko Haram will one day tell us that Shekau died in a house engulfed by fire and nobody will see his dead body. Abeg, Shekau is dead, long time! Somebody is using his face and voice to deceive us.

  14. God willing, whether he is alive or dead he and his other monsters will be roasted alive, here and in hell. If he is not a coward let him come out plainly to challenge the power might of the military. This is the time to monitor some of his sympahaisers, like shehu sani who ladt time claimed that the guy is not killed or dead. So he need to come out and disclose all he knows about Boko Haram atrocities to the government as an accomplice. This is the time for JTF and Civilian JTF to deal mercilessly and ruthlessly with the devilish criminals

  15. I think his death is closer than ever before. I would think if he was wise , he would have used the opportunity to fade out of the anti-terrorist security radar. Thank God, he came out of hiding. Nigerian SS and global anti-terror groups will have to go back to their draw boards to devise a way of catching him alive or death. Without any doubt his kokumo or abiku is closer to his final tormentuous grave. His end will be worse than Osama bin laden. It's better to be invisible than visible. Iku omi lo npa omuwe. iku ogun lo npa akinkanju.

  16. They never said he was dead. They said he might have been killed. Nothing was offered that could be relied upon from Col Sagir's statement that day. I new it was a blunder. This is not how to fight terrorism to defeat it. Not at all!!!!

  17. Some rebel's demands were not met so Mr Shekau was resurrected to continue the "making Nigeria ungovernable project".
    You just need to use your tongue to count your teeth as we say in Igbo Land.Unless the head of a snake has been cut off,that snake remains dangerous,the strategy should be to go after the sponsors of BH,if not the foot soldiers are expendable and easy to replenish

  18. So who is deceiving who.I ve never seen a country where security agencies collaborate with politicians to tell bloody lies to its self and its people in the name of security votes.Nemesis will catch up with u soon. Beware of the ides of match!

  19. It is becoming evidently clear that Africa is the hot bed for terrorist cells such as Boko Haram, AlQeda and Al Shabaab to unleash Mayhem and unscrupulous killing of innocent citizens.
    Case in point is the inability of the Nigerian government to abdicate Boko Haram, due to lack of simple actionable intelligence, lack of focus, resources, poor infrastructure and coordination.
    The terrorist can simply bribe their way and bring in sophisticated weapons, plutonium, dirty bombs.
    Nigeria is totally incapable of detecting biological weapons.
    The Nigeria security forces are ignorant, improperly trained and inadequately prepared to protect the people of Nigeria, including reacting to external aggression.
    Massive corruption, self-enrichment, cronyism, tribalism has become the priority for those in charge.
    As a result, no long term security plan is sustainable since everything including funding is based on politics and reckless corruption.


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