A small plane crashes at Santa Monica airport killing all on board.

A business jet crashed into a hangar at the Santa Monica Airport on Sunday killing everyone on board. Santa Monica is located in California.

The twin-engine Cessna Citation ran off the right side of the runway after landing at 6:20 p.m. Pacific Time, authorities are yet to ascertain the number of people on board the small aircraft.

The hangar collapsed, and firefighters were unable to enter more than two hours after the crash due to enormous fire.

Authorities have concluded that It was an unsurvivable crash.

Various models of the Citation jet carry from seven to nine passengers, according to the manufacturer's website.

The plane departed from Hailey, Idaho, an area popular for vacation homes.


  1. No plane crash is small Zainab abi person no die? Rip.

  2. Reminds me of a time i nearly died flying from Owerri to Lagos with only 4 of us on board. I was more worried that the caption will be more like what Zainab has just written..."small plane crash with 4 people in board" then everyone will thank God meanwhile people have died...lol. Rip

  3. All should repent, our time on earth is short indeed. rip.

  4. The plane is a small one.......not the crash! Note: A small plane.....

    1. Zainab you are an angel...why you dey bother na...we could see it. English na small god, no be everyone dey understand am abeg...lol


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