Photo: Wow! Kim Kardashian's baby shower invitation!

Trust Kim Kardashian to always go over the top. The baby shower is scheduled to hold on the 2nd of June and will be hosted by Kris Jenner, Shelli Azoff (wife of manager Irving Azoff), Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

Ok back to the invitation, it is a fully functional music box, complete with a spinning ballerina ... dancing to a lullaby version of Kanye's "Hey Mama." Not only is the invite playing the baby daddy's tune, but the ballerina bears a striking resemblance to Kim herself.

Hmmmm I love it.


  1. HMmmmm! Money is good. Baby Kimya...Oliver fb

  2. *Kimye* not Kimya

  3. Zee let's catch d nxt flight to uSA. See u in d flight.lollll Kim looks hot in her preg.


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